Smart Key Chain with Lost & Found Service Tech

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How it works?

-Each Key Chain is equipped with a unique Smart QR code 

-Key Chain-Owner registers his details by scanning the Smart QR code present on the mobile case using his mobile's camera

-In case of loss of Key Chain, the person who finds scans the Smart QR code to contact Mobile-Owner by entering a custom message. 

-Key Chain-Owner receives a mail with the Mobile-Finder's message. "Hey, I found your lost mobile, contact me on 9999999999 to collect it" 

-Key Chain-Owner is re-united with his keys! 

-Key Chain-Finder is rewarded for his kind gesture. A win-win scenario. 

Smart Features

Each Smart Key-Chain is equipped with a unique Smart QR code which helps in re-uniting the lost keys with it's owner.

Refer "How it works section" to learn more.

Design Features

Copyright Protected: #L-105607/2021

How will this Key Chain help me save Rs.10,000?

-Keys are one of the most lost items globally!

- When someone comes across a lost key chain they want to return it, but since there aren't any contact details on the Key-Chain, they are unable to return it.

- It is also not advisable/possible to write your contact details on the key chain due to privacy concerns.

- Therefore, we have created a solution where the Key-Finder & Key-Owner can connect with each other through our secure systems by simply scanning the Smart QR code and sending a secure message.

- The Key-Owner can offer a monetary reward as a thank you gesture to the Key-Finder. This is a win-win solution as the Key-Finder

- gets a monetary reward for his help & the Key-Owner saves Rs.10,000 as Car/Bike/House Key replacement cost


You will be the proud owner of India's First & Only Smart Key-Chain, a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Design Copyright No.: #L-105607/2021

Brands interested to license our design can contact us. Infringement of our designs will attract penal action.

Warranty, Shipping & Returns

- 12 Month Warranty, no questions asked that's Cuir Ally's promise

- Experience Cuir Ally's exceptional quality guarantee on every product

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Customization for Corporate/Personal orders

We are manufacturers, therefore we can customize all Cuir Ally products with your Logo, Brand Colour & design changes.

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Free Shipping above Rs.999 Easy Returns within 7 Days 12 Month Warranty no questions asked 30,000+ Happy Customers

Recover your Lost Keys hassle free

Keys are the most lost items globally, but since there are no contact details on them the finders are unable to return then.

But now, with Cuir Ally's Lost & Found Service the Key-finder can scan the QR code and send a secure message to the Key-Owner

How it works?

Key-Owner registers his details by scanning the QR code. When someone finds the lost keys, they can scan the QR code to send a secure message via our tech to the Key-Owner.

The Key-Owner can then arrange collection of the Keys using our paid courier service too or directly too.

Monetary reward for the Key-Finder

When the QR code is scanned by the Key-Finder, he will also see a monetary reward attached to it.

Eg: Say its your car keys and replacing it would cost a significant amount to you, so you can add a suitable monetary reward to motivate the key-finder to take that extra effort for you.

Not your regular keychain

An attractive keychain with the essence of India captured on it for you to flaunt it daily!

It looks good and has functional tech integrated to it.

Metal frame & Epoxy finish

At Cuir Ally we take extra care in selecting the right materials, try and test it for at least 6 months before launching it so that you love using it on a daily basis.

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