(Customisable) Smart Mobile Cases with Lost & Found Service Tech

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How it works?

Smart Features

How does it work?

-Each Smart Mobile-Case is equipped with a unique Smart QR code 

-Mobile-Owner registers his details by scanning the Smart QR code present on the mobile case using his mobile's camera

-In case of loss of Mobile, the person who finds scans the Smart QR code to contact Mobile-Owner by entering a custom message. 

-Mobile-Owner receives a mail with the Mobile-Finder's message. "Hey, I found your lost mobile, contact me on 9999999999 to collect it" 

-Mobile-Owner is re-united with his keys! 

-Mobile-Finder is rewarded for his kind gesture. A win-win scenario. 

Design Features

Copyright Protected: #L-105607/2021

How will this Mobile Case help me save Rs.75,000?

-Mobiles are one of the most lost items globally! 

-When someone comes across a lost mobile phone they usually want to return it because people are inherently good - think about yourselves wouldn't you return a lost mobile to its owner? Yes Of course!

-You would happily return it, but since there aren't any contact details on the mobile case or phone, you are unable to return it.

-Therefore, we have created a solution where the Mobile-Finder & Mobile-Owner can connect with each other through our secure systems by simply scanning the Smart QR code present on the Mobile Case and sending a secure message. 

-Mobile-Owner can offer a pre-determined monetary reward (fixed during the product registration process) as a thank you gesture to the Key-Finder.

  -This is a win-win solution as the Mobile-Finder gets a monetary reward for his help & the Mobile-Owner saves Rs.75,000 approx by preventing a total loss of his valuable phone. 

 Proudly Made in India!


You will be the proud owner of India's First & Only Smart Business Card Holder, a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Design Copyright No.: #L-105671/2021

Brands interested to license our design can contact us. Infringement of our designs will attract penal action.

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