About Us

Cuir Ally is an affordable Lifestyle Goods brand. We design our products in our cozy design studio in Chennai, manufacture them in our factories in Ranipet & Chennai and bring them directly to customers without the retail markups thus ensuring the best possible prices for our customers. 

Come join us and be a part of our story.

We are located here: https://g.page/CuirAlly?share , if you are nearby do drop by to buy our products with visitor discounts :)

You can also reach us at +91 95000 72280 on call or Whatsapp. 

Our Philosophy

We, at Cuir Ally are redesigning products ground up making it more functional, ergonomic and of course better looking. Our products are designed around what it needs to do and not the other way round. Our minimalistic design strips the products to its bare essentials. We challenge ourselves to use less and do more, every single time. We tan our own leather, we handcraft our own products thus giving us end to end control over quality. One question drives us, Will we gift this to our loved ones? Will they love it? If our heart says “Yes” we go ahead and make it! Thats why we love what we do and we are sure you would love it too.

We are affordable luxury. We are CuirAlly. When it comes to leather, we are your best Ally.