World's Slimmest Smart Wallet

Never lose your wallet or phone again

Smart Features

Powered by Panasonic Smart Chip Technology

Wallet Loss Alert-Notification

Get a notification on your phone when Sleek Smart Wallet is left behind.

No more lost walletes!


Women Security Feature

Choose to share your live location through Sleek Smart Wallet with your family, so that they know that you are safe & fine.

No more worried family members, when you are out conquering the world!


Phone Locator

Double press your Sleek Smart Wallet to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent.

No more searching for your Phone everyday!


Wallet Locator

Ring to find your Sleek Smart Wallet from your mobile app.

No more searching for your wallet everyday!


Last Seen Location on Map

The mobile/desktop app remembers when & where you lost your Sleek Smart Wallet or Phone.

Find your missing wallet or Phone!


Take Hands-Free Selfies

Double press your smart wallet to take remote hands-free selfies on your phone.

Take the best ever selfies !

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Notification on Phone when Sleek Smart Wallet is left behind

How many of us have forgotten our wallets at restaurants, offices, shops or even at our homes only to lose them eventually?

Now get a notification on your smartphone as soon as your wallet gets separated from you.

Voila! No more lost wallet!

Find your Smart Wallet using your phone

Wallets have a knack of disappearing right when you need it. Sometimes its under the couch, under the newspaper or inside your drawer.

Simply tap the “Ring Button” in the app, your wallet starts ringing helping you find it.

Find your phone using your Wallet – Even on Silent Mode

Phones also have a strange way of hiding themselves at the strangest of places. Tried ringing it several times but alas its on Silent Mode and no luck finding it?

Now with the Sleek Smart wallet just double press the button on the left center portion of the wallet and wait to see the magic happen! Your phone rings even when its on Silent Mode.

That’s the beauty of the Sleek Smart’s Technology.

Locate your wallet or
phone on map

We know what's in your mind right now. What if we leave both the phone and wallet behind and have no clue where we left it?

Don't worry we have got you covered. Just login to your Panasonic account on any PC, Mac or Tablet and see where you last left it.

Even if you are countries apart it shows up exactly where.

Take a Selfie with your
Smart Wallet

Can you really take a selfie with Sleek? Why not it’s a Smart Wallet!!

Open mobile app on smartphone, choose selfie option & just double press the button on the left center of the wallet and say Cheese!

Your wallet is your selfie remote! Now group selfies are fun and easy.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Connects via Bluetooth 5.0 to your smartphone Compatible with iOS 9 and later, and devices running Android 4.4 and later.

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100% Money Back Guarantee in case of any Defects

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Two Beautiful Colours

The most affordable smart wallet ever

Sleek Smart Wallet


  • Panasonic Smart Chip Technology
  • Leather Bi-Fold Wallet
  • 100% Refund for Manufacturing Defects
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Compatible with & Phones
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