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Be Safe & Never Lose your Clutch ever again!


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Smart Features


Wallet Loss Alert-Notification

Get a notification on your phone when Secura Smart Clutch is left behind.

No more lost Clutches!


Women Security Feature

Choose to share your live location through Secura Smart Clutch with your family, so that they know that you are safe & fine.

No more worried family members, when you are out conquering the world!


Phone Locator

Double press your Secura Smart Clutch to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent.

No more searching for your Phone everyday!


Wallet Locator

Ring to find your Secura Smart Clutch from your mobile app.

No more searching for your Clutch everyday!


Last Seen Location on Map

The mobile/desktop app remembers when & where you lost your Secura Smart Clutch or Phone.

Find your missing Clutch or Phone!


Take Hands-Free Selfies

Double press your smart wallet to take remote hands-free selfies on your phone.

Take the best ever selfies !

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Wallet Loss Alert NotificationWallet Loss Alert Notification

Haven’t we all forgotten our wallets?

Only to lose them forever?

With Secura Smart Clutch, your Cash, Passport, Govt. IDs & that quintessential Kaajal will always be with you, as you’ll get a reminder notification in case you leave it behind.

Wallet Loss Alert NotificationWomen’s Safety Feature

We’ve all be worried about the safety of our women, especially when they are travelling alone.

Secura Smart helps you track their real time location once sharing permission is granted. Get Secura Smart & say bye to worries & anxiety attacks!

Wallet Loss Alert NotificationPhone Finder

Do you have a meltdown when you can’t find your expensive phone as its on Silent Mode?

Now, coolly take your Secura Smart, double press it & your phone will ring helping your find it.

Best part? It works even when you phone is on Silent Mode.

Wallet Loss Alert NotificationWallet Finder

Wallets have a knack of disappearing right when you need it. Sometimes its under the couch, under the newspaper or inside your drawer.

Simply tap the “Ring Button” in the app, your wallet starts ringing helping you find it.

Wallet Loss Alert NotificationHands-free perfect Selfies

Who doesn’t love taking Selfies?

Double press Secura Smart and take the perfect Hands-free Selfies!.

Hands-on-hip, pout, wink or smile. Freedom to Pose with Secura Smart!

Wallet Loss Alert NotificationLast Seen Location on Map

What if you forget both your wallet & phone?

Don’t worry we have got you covered! Just login to your Chipolo account using Facebook or Google logins.

Even if you are countries apart it shows up exactly where on the map.

Design Feature

Mobile Holder Slot

An external slot to hold your Mobile, comes handy In situations where you need a free hand.

EyeLiner Holder

A centre-elastic-strap to hold your everyday must have Eyeliner! Imagine how imperfect your day would be without your favorite Kaajal.

Zipped Coin Pocket

A separate semi-gazette, coin pocket section on the right, so that your coins don’t mix with your accessories in the left pocket.

Zipped Accessories Pocket

Valuable spare earrings, chain or even your essential safety pins can be stored In the secure Zipped accessories pocket.

Imported Japanese YKK Zippers

A truly international product deserves only the best hardware. Super smooth Japanese YKK Zippers designed with reliability & precision in focus.

Hidden Card Slots

Two hidden card slots for cards that you seldom use or To store your Business/Visiting Cards.

Pen Holder

The centre-elastic band doubles up as a pen-holder too. Avoid the embarrassment of asking Strangers for Pen.

Thumb friendly Card Slots

Intuitive thumb friendly card slot design, no more fidgeting to get your cards. Access them with ease.

Passport & Cash Slots

2 unique expandable cash slots are provided to store all your cash bills neatly & access them easily. Guess what you don’t need a separate passport holder, because your clutch can fit in a passport too!

Premium Leather puller for Zip

Modern. Premium & Soft puller focusing on utility & perfectly complimenting the Japanese YKK zippers.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

Connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone Compatible with iOS 9 and later, and devices running Android 4.4 and later.

Easy Replaceable Battery

CR2025 Lithium Coin Type Battery lasts upto 9 months in normal usage conditions. Easily replace battery at home. Replacement battery costs approx. Rs. 40, available at online & offline stores near you.

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