Leather Care

Our leather is extremely low maintenance and does not require too much caution and care. However, we know you never want to let that shine in your leather die out, so here are a few techniques that will help you do so!

Leather is like your skin. You do not want to leave it out in the direct sun for too long as this will make it fade unevenly or dry out.

Despite the fact that our leather is water resistant to a great extent, the pores in it allow tiny droplets of moisture to seep in which may cause decolourisation.
So unless you have a tiny raincoat for it, you should try keeping it out of the rain and avoid taking it swimming with you.

We design our leather to resist easy wear and tear, so as long as you don’t decide to play rugby with it, it should be fine.

We understand that sometimes despite intense security, your leather may come to harm.
Not to worry, Cuir Ally has solutions to that as well!

Uh-oh, my leather got wet!

Don’t rub it down with a towel as you would yourself, as this will result in moisture getting stuck in the pores leading to stiffening not the leather. Use paper towels to gently pat it down, and leave it to dry in normal room temperature and it will be as good as new in no time.

Oops, my leather has cracks!

When leather gets too dry (usually due to too much sun or heat), it needs moisturizing just like human skin. Use cotton to apply some natural leather care solution to it, or organic leather creams. Make sure not to use chemically coloured solutions to avoid causing discolouration of your leather.

Oh-no! My leather needs cleaning!

Do not use soap or shampoo to clean your leather; it deserves better than that! For light cleaning, run a damp cloth lightly over the surface and avoid scrubbing it as you do yourself. For more difficult stains, use a leather conditioning treatment, and the stain will vanish in front of your eyes!