Cuir Ally has partnered with CHIPOLO to bring to its customers products which are a fusion of best in class European Bluetooth Item finder Technology and Luxury Indian Leather.

Setting up a new Chipolo

Welcome to the Chipolo community!

These steps will guide you through the set-up process of your Chipolo:

  • Go to Google Play Store, download and install the Chipolo mobile application by clicking the link: Android
  • Open the Chipolo app and register for an account.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Create and enter a password.
  • Open your email and confirm your email address(not mandatory, but recommended to be able to reset your password).
  • Open the Chipolo app and log in with your email address and newly created password.
  • Press (+) in the app to add a new Chipolo.
  • Firmly press on the region on your wallet shown in the image above
  • In the app name your Chipolo as Voyager Smart Wallet.

The basic Chipolo setup is now complete. You can start using it.