Cuir Ally has partnered with CHIPOLO to bring to its customers products which are a fusion of best in class European Bluetooth Item finder Technology and Luxury Indian Leather.

Out of range notifications

You can enable out of range notifications to get notified when both phone and Chipolo loses connection. Now when this happens both phone and Chipolo will make a sound so you always will get notified.

To enable or disable the out of range notifications please follow these steps.

Now you enabled out of range notifications and lost your Chipolo, your app has notified you with 'Out of Range'. What to do?

It that means your Chipolo is outside of the area in which your phone can see it. The best way to find your Chipolo is to look at the map and see the Last Saved Location and start your search from there.

If your app says out of range when you are next to it please try the reset connection procedure.