Erasable & Reusable

1 Dexter Smart = 100 Normal Notebooks

Smart Features


CamScanner App Compatible Page Design

The unique page design helps the CamScanner app identify page borders and give you perfect scans.

No more adjusting borders of scans.

Scan & Erase your pages

Proprietary waterproof paper helps you erase with water after you’ve scanned you page on the App.

This is a special paper but feels exactly like normal paper and it’s tear resistant too!

Mark-up, Edit, Save on the go

Edit your scans, annotate, make notes, convert them to PDF or Image files, mail them to yourselves for future reference and do much on the go right on your mobile devices

Store, Share & collaborate globally

Upload your scanned pages to cloud services like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneNote. Invite your team to collaborate and work on your scans from across the globe


Have your pages across all your devices

Sync your scanned pages and its available on all your devices viz. Phone, Tablet, & Desktop; whenever and wherever you are.


iOS, Android, Windows

The Dexter Smart Notebook is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows phones, tablets and desktop PCs.

How does it work?

Write, Scan & Erase
with Water

Yes. You can erase your page completely clean using a wet tissue or cloth or erase minor errors on the page with the eraser provided at the top of the pen. The notebook includes a Free Pilot Frixion pen & cloth Smart isn’t it?

Tear Resistant + Waterproof

Using special Patented Smart Paper Technology, we have created a paper that is water proof and tear resistant. It feels like normal paper but in reality its extremely smart. No trees were cut to make this paper amazing isn’t it?

Scan, Edit, Store & Share with
CamScanner App

We’ve partnered with World’s most loved scanning app CamScanner (350 Million+ Users) and created a new futuristic page design that enables better scanning and image recognition. Edit your scanned pages, store them on cloud or mobile & share globally.

Reusable pages, Saves Money
& Environment

Erase and use the same page multiple times, pages are designed to be highly durable. Think smart and get Dexter Smart Notebook to save your money in the long run and the environment. Remember 1 Dexter Notebook = 100 Normal Notebooks.

Productivity focused Patented
Page Design

80-20 Pareto Scientific Principle based page design to help you optimise your daily notes so that you can focus on goals that matter, manage your time better and get more things done on time, every day! Enjoy 4X Improvement in your productivity.


Voyager's unique patent protected design helps fit a lot more with a lot less.

Voyager Smart Wallet

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Do you travel clumsily?


Completely Erasable with Water

The smart pages are made of proprietary technology making it completely erasable with water or the eraser at the top of the pen.

Water-Proof Pages

Completely waterproof pages, erase it with a wet tissue or cloth. Free erasing cloth is provided.

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Dexter Smart Notebook

  • Premium Notebook with 100 Erasable Page & Reusable Pages
  • 1 Free Pen
  • 1 Free Erasing Cloth
  • Cuir Ally Quality Guarantee
  • Compatible with , & Phones
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