The World’s Most Functional Smart Wallet

Voyager Smart Wallet

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Cuir Ally is launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise capital to establish retail presence in over 1000+ retail outlets all over India within the next 3 months. The funds generated through this campaign will help Cuir Ally achieve this bold dream.

What is Crowdfunding?

A crowdfunding campaign offers customers a chance to support a brand that they love and would like to see them grow by purchasing their products at never before seen discounted prices.

What is the benefit for customers?

Customers who are familiar with Cuir Ally know that we never offer cash discounts simply because our wallets are unique & sell very well without discounts. This is the first time & only time that we are offering a significant cash discount as a part of the crowdfunding campaign. Only limited numbers available so grab your discount soon!

I’m in!! what should I do next to get the Voyager Smart Wallet?

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