World's Most Functional Smart Wallet.

Never Lose your Wallets Ever Again

We, at Cuir Ally have designed, iterated and obssessed over the Smart Wallet concept for more than a year to bring Voyager Smart Wallet to you.

A Smart Wallet that connects to your smartphone opens up immense possibilities. We believe that the key to Smart Wallet design lies in retaining the look and feel of a traditional wallet while integrating technology in an unobtrusive manner and that's exactly what we have achieved with the Voyager Smart Wallet.

To see how amazing it is, click the play button, sit back and experience the magic happen yourself.

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Notification on Phone when Voyager Smart Wallet is left behind

We all have forgotten our wallets at restaurants, offices, shops or even at our homes only to lose them eventually. Now get a notification on your smartphone as soon as your wallet gets separated from you. Voila! No more lost wallets!

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It was my First Date, left my Voyager wallet at home but as I got into the car luckily I got a notification on my iPhone reminding me to take it along. Imagine how embarrassing it would have been to show up for the date without the wallet.


As the taxi dropped me at the airport and sped off, I immediately got a notification on my phone that I left my wallet in the taxi. Thankfully I called the taxi driver before he had exited the airport as the wallet had my passport, cash and boarding pass.


I was taking my entire team out for lunch at office, as it happened earlier I left my wallet in my office bag only this time I got a notification on my phone when I reached the door to collect my wallet. Sigh, that saved me a ton of embarrassment


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Money Back Guarantee

International Shipping

12 hour Customer issue resolution

Last seen location on map, accessible from any phone, tablet or computer

We know what's in your mind right now. What if we leave both the phone and wallet behind and have no clue where we left it?

Don't worry we have got you covered. Just login to your Chipolo account using Facebook or Google logins and see where you last left it. Even if you are countries apart it shows up exactly where.

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After leaving office I attended a marriage reception, followed by a party at a friend’s house upon reaching home I realised that I had misplaced my laptop bag with my mobile and voyager wallet in it at either of these locations, but Voyager saved the day as I could pin point that I had forgotten the bag at my friend’s house using the map feature from my home PC.


I’m so forgetful that I left both my voyager smart in my office drawer, after reaching home I realised it was missing and assumed the worst panicking that I was pickpocketed in the train. I quickly logged on to my PC and heaved a sigh of relief when I found it located in my office through the map feature


My girlfriend was super mad at me for not picking up the call after dropping her home. What could have blown up into a huge fight ended with sheepish laughter once I found that she had put my phone in her bag by mistake. All thanks to the lovely map feature!


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Take a selfie with your wallet

Can you really take a selfie with Voyager? Why not it’s a Smart Wallet!!

Open Chipolo app on smartphone, choose selfie option & just double press on the bottom right portion of the wallet and say Cheese! Your wallet is your selfie remote! Now group selfies are fun and easy.

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I’ve never been the “tech” guy at my office, now after purchasing the Voyager Smart I’m their go to guy to take group photos at office gatherings using my Voyager Smart wallet, now they call me the smart wallet guy haha


On our honeymoon, it was such a trouble asking strangers all over Europe to take our perfect photos of us, now on our second trip there we are going prepared with a simple and efficient Voyager Smart wallet no need for those clumsy selfie sticks!


I always loved taking selfies but the trouble of carrying a selfie stick around hampered my love but now with the selfie feature of the Voyager Smart I can carry it any time anywhere


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Find your wallet using your smart phone

Wallets have a knack of disappearing right when you need it. Sometimes its under the couch, under the newspaper or inside your drawer.

Simply tap the “Ring Button” in the app, your wallet starts ringing helping you find it.

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I have this strange habit of checking if my wallet is in my bag, earlier I used to rummage through the entire bag to know if its there in my bag. Now I just press the ring button on the app to hear my wallet ring and tell me its there!!


One of the troubles of have a tiny tot child in your house is that nothing is ever where it was last left. Wallet from my dining room ends up in my kitchen thanks to my kid, but I must thank Voyager Smart now I can ring and find my wallet anywhere in the house


After a crazy night out with all my friends sloshed I woke up in the middle of night craving for a pizza but couldn’t find the wallet, but then I took out my phone and rang to find the wallet like a boss then rang up the pizza outlet.


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Chipolo Plus Smart Chip is offered with 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty.

Find your phone using your smart wallet even when its on silent

Phones also have a strange way of hiding themselves at the strangest of places worst part they do so when they are put on silent mode. So you have tried ringing it several times but its on silent mode & tried searching for it but no luck.
Now with the Voyager Smart wallet just double press the bottom right portion of the wallet and wait to see the magic happen! Your phone rings even when its on silent.

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Everyday before leaving to work I spend a good 10 minutes searching for my phone which is usually on silent mode, now all I do is just ring it at will using Voyager Smart to find its location.


I was expecting an interview call at 3pm but I couldn’t find my phone, if not for Voyager Smart I would have missed the call as the phone was on silent too” Slightly experienced working professional


My aged dad loves the find your phone feature using his Voyager Smart, earlier he used to bring the house down to find his mobile now he just enjoys finding it using his wallet almost like a treasure hunt.


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Download Chipolo app to your mobile device
(Follow step by step instructions iOS & Android)

Connect voyager smart wallet to your phone
(Follow step by step instructions here)

Never lose your wallet again!

Connectivity &

Bluetooth 4.0 (LTE)
Check here for list of compatible phones


Approximately 30-60m Within line of sight
(Varies based on environmental obstructions)

Out of Range Notifications on your Smartphone

Check here to learn how to setup/activate

Ring phone to find it even when on silent

Double press wallet to ring phone, even when it is on silent mode

Ring wallet to find its location

Press ‘Ring’ on Chipolo app to ring wallet. With 90db melody, its easy to hear it rooms away

Take selfie on smart phone using wallet

Double press wallet to take selfie on smartphone.

Easy Replaceable Battery

CR2025 Lithium Coin Type Battery lasts upto 9 months in normal usage conditions. Easily replace battery at home. Replacement battery costs approx. Rs. 40, available online & offline stores.

Find last seen Voyager Smart Wallet Location on Map

Enable GPS on mobile to track exact location.

Phone Finder

Use the Free Chipolo app to find/ring/send message to your phone via any web connected device using your unique login credentials.


1 Year Limited Hardware warranty on Chipolo

Chipolo Product Quality

Chipolo is made in Slovenia, European Union thus ensuring European level of premium product quality

Community search feature for your lost wallet

Put all Chipolo community users on the lookout for your wallet through Chipolo app automatically & anonymously. Get notification of the map location of your wallet, when any Chipolo community user is within range of your wallet.

Chipolo Plus Smart Chip is offered with 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty.

The Voyager Smart Wallet & Voyager Wallet is protected with strong design patents. Infringement of the same shall attract heavy penalties and lawsuits. Beware!