Our Story

Dear Ally,

We, at Cuir Ally are redefining the way you carry. Our products are designed around what it needs to carry and not the other way round. This ground up minimalistic design approach has helped us eliminate the clutter and focus on what’s important to give you products which speak for themselves. They speak of the countless hours that were spent on them to make them more functional, ergonomic and of course better looking.

One question drives us... Will we gift this to our loved ones? Will they love it? If our heart says "Yes" we go ahead and make it! That's why we love what we do and we are sure you would love it too.

Apart from love, why are we doing this? Because you deserve better and we know we can do better; you deserve luxury, without the luxury price tag of course!!

We are affordable luxury. We are Cuir Ally. When it comes to leather, we are your best Ally. That much we promise, now and always.